The Well Stocked Pantry

Ever wonder what a well stocked, organized  pantry should contain? Well, here is my list. Add or subtract from it to suit your family.
Aluminum foil, waxed paper, plastic wrap, freezer bags, sandwich bags and snack bags.
Bakers chocolate
Baking soda and powder
Bouillon cubes or granules
Bread crumbs, plain and Itallian
Brownie, Cake, Cookie and Muffin Mixes
Canned and dried beans
Canned fruit
Canned pie fillings
Canned soups and dried soup mixes
Canned vegetables
Chocolate Chips
Corn syrup, corn meal, and Cornstarch
Crackers, saltine, ritz, and party 
Crushed, diced, whole and seasoned tomatoes
Evaporated, powdered and sweetend condised milk
Gelatin and pudding mixes
Jam & jelly
Ketchup, mustard and mayo
Non stick cooking sparay
Nuts: walnuts, pecans, almonds
Olives black and green
Pancake mix
Paper towels and napkins
Pasta: fettucini, linguine, lasagna, macaroni, penne, rotelle, rigatoni, & spaghetti
Peanut butter
Pickles: sweet, dill, & bread and butter
Relish: hot dog and sweet
Prepared pie shells
Ready-made pasta sauces
Salad dressing
Seasoning mixes
Soy sauce
spices and extracts (including salt and pepper)
Sugar: granulated, brown, and confectioners
Syrup: Chocolate, Carmel, maple
Tomato sauce and paste
Vegetable oil and shortening

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