Dad’s Spaghetti and Meatballs

Dad always made enough at Easter so there would be plenty through out the year. I had to cut it down. This will serve 4 comortably with some left over for the next day.

Served with some Lambrusco, garlic breadsticks and steamed broccoli, and your tastebuds will take a trip to “Italy”.

6 large cans crushed tomatoes pureed

2 cans paste

1- 15 oz can Sauce

1 can water

In 5 quart dutch oven add tomatoes

sauce, paste and water (using the sauce can I swish the water through all the cans making sure I got all the tomato product out of them.)

Stir this really well.

Now comes the tricky part, as I do not measure so these are approximate measurements.

1 tsp. Each of sweet basil, oregano, garlic powder, & Italian seasoning

1 skinny can of Kraft Parmesan Cheese

2 cloves of garlic minced.

1 handful of sugar

Stir everything really well and let simmer all day.


1 pound ground Sirloin

1 pound hot fresh Italian sausage

2-clove garlic minced

1 small onion minced

Approximately 1 tsp. parsley

1-2 packages of saltines crushed

1-2 eggs

dab of milk

Mix everything together roll into meatballs.

Fry in skillet on med heat until done


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    Paul Says:

    This recipe sounds awesome!.. I will try it sooon.

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